A Precedent

A Precedent: A Passover Seder for Backpackers in Mexico

Chabad precedent, for the first time in Cozumel a Passover seder took place with hundreds of Israeli backpackers from all around Central America.

The seder was put together by Chabad of
Cozumel, under the supervision and direction of Chabad of Cozumel directors; David Caplin and Shalom Peleg.

The seder was attended by over 250 Israelis from all over Cozumel and Central America, who put a pause on their travels to spend the holiday of freedom together, according to the customs of their ancestors.

Director David Caplin recalls that the atmosphere was one of excitement and was felt throughout the entire night, which was filled with backpackers singing traditional Passover songs along with Israeli songs.

The joyous evening concluded with the exciting announcement that “Next year in Jerusalem!”

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