Weekly classes:
Daily classes in Tanya: 8am

-Written by Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812), Tanya is the central text of Chabad Chassidut. It’s stated aim is to show a path to realizing ones purpose and developing a deeper relationship with G-d.

Daily Classes in Halacha between Mincha and Mariv
-In this course, students learn day-to-day, practical Jewish laws, customs, and rituals.

Every Tuesday weekly Parsha Classes based on Chassidus: 45 min prior to sunset
-In this class, students examine the most physical and ordinary life events through Chassidic lenses. Drawing inspiration from the weekly Torah portion, the Jewish calendar and current events, students explore Divinity in all of creation.

Daily Classes in Chumash immediately following Shacharis
-This is a challenging, in-depth Chumash class, focused on the development of key Chumash skills. Students are guided to prepare sections of the Hebrew text on their own, including the commentaries. The key commentaries, including Rashi, and Ramban, are all studied in their original Hebrew. Understanding the styles and questions of the different commentaries is a focus of this class. Besides the layers of insight and understanding which students gain into the passages of the Chumash, they leave with the priceless gift of being able to learn Chumash on their own. Basic knowledge of reading and understanding Hebrew is a prerequisite for this course.