question23-150x150Traveling to Cozumel

1. where are you located?

Chabad of Cozumel is located in the Central Plaza, “Plaza del Sol”. It is on 5th Ave between 1st street an juarez avenue, on the second floor of the big orange building.

1. what is the best way get to cozumel?

there are are flights, CRUISE ships and FERrieS that will bring you to cozumel


there are two airports that service cozumel, COZUMEL international airport (Czm) and cancun international airport (cun).  arriving in cozumel is more CONVENIENT whereas arriving to CANCUN can be more ECONOMICAL.  you can check out websites like kayak or expedia for the best fares.

arriving in cozumel airport:

taxis from the airport should cost between $5 – $30, depending to where on the Island you are going. to the  chabad is about $7

arriving in cancun airport:

to get to cozumel you can either take a charter flight with “maya air”  (which costs about 750 pesos if you buy a ticket ONLINE click here ) or you can take a bus to the ferry.

  the ferries leave from playa del  carmen.  there is a bus service,  “ado”  with Modern coach buses   from cancun airport  to playa del carmen. the  fee is $10 USD and takes approximately 45 minutes.  once ARRIVING In Playa del Carmen the ferry dock is only two blocks away


there are two companies which ferry from playa del carmen to cozumel, mexico waterjets and ultramar.  they are operational every hour from 6am to 11pm. the trip is 40 minutes and the price is between 135-165 pesos. once arriving in cozumel, the chabad house is only a two minute walk from the ferry. click this link to see how to get to the chabad house

cruise ship:

there are three docks that the cruise LINES use. the dock in the city is a ten minute walk to the chabad house. the  the other two, wHICH  are used by carnival and royal CARibbean  cruise lines are  a ten MINUTE DRIVE to the chabad house.  TAXIS are AVAILABLE , just tell the driver you are going to  “Sinagoga” or ” Plaza del Sol.”


there is a car ferry,  TRANSCARIBE,  which departs  from  Calica,  located ten minutes OUTSIDE of Playa Del Carmen.  they make four trips a day which take 60 minutes.

2. Which kosher food is allowed into Cozumel?

Aside from meat, dairy products,  fresh fruits and vegetables, you may bring  in any food that is in a sealed package.

3. Which hotels are within walking distance from the Chabad house?

there are a selection of hotels  AVAILABLE,  click  here for details.  for home and condo rentals click  here.

4. Is there anything we can bring for you when we come to Cozumel?

Thank you for your willingness to help. Different seasons require different THINGS. Please contact us to find out how you can help us assist others. thank you!

5. The Jerusalem Restaurant:

Do we need to make advance  reservations? can we view the menu online?

The restaurant is waiting for you whenever you arrive during hours of operation. Friday is the only day you must order in advance, as the kitchen is 100% occupied preparing the Shabbat meal. for menu Click here.

6. What is the address and hours of the jerusalem RESTAURANT?

The new location for the restaurunt  is right next to Chabad, 5th ave between 1st Street and Juarez Street, in the main Plaza called “Plaza del Sol”. You can find a list of Kosher restaurant in the Riviera Maya in this Link

The Restaurant is Open Sunday-thursday 9am-11pm, Friday from 9am until one hour before Shabbat.

8. What Food can I order for Shabbat? Can the catered food be delivered to our hotel?

You can choose to order the Shabbat package which is the complete Shabbat meal including fresh challah, eight types of Salads and dips, fish, and a selection  of ethnic middle east main dishes, two Side Dishes as well as Dessert for $49.99 per person.  Delivery is available for an additional fee.  Please be in direct contact with the Jerusalem restaurant team for more details.

9. Which kosher food items are available


fresh chicken and meat is AVAILABLE thrugh the jerusalem RESTAURANT


Shabbat, Holidays and Jewish Activities

10.  How can I find out the weekly times of the beginning and end of Shabbat?

You can find Shabbat and holiday times here.

11. How do I reserve and pay for a Shabbat meal?

You can reserve and pay for a Shabbat meal via our website, or in the Chabad house before Shabbat.

13. Are there minyanim? When?

yes! shachris is at 9a.m. mincha is 15 minutes prior to sunset FOLLOWED by maariv. for more info about our SYNAGOGUE please click here.

13. Is there a women’s mikva? What are the opening hours? Who is the contact person for the mikva?

There is a beautifully designed mikva that services the local women and tourists. You can contact Rebbetzin chani for additional information.

14. Does the Restaurant offer a Kosher for Passover option?

Yes. The Jerusalem Restaurant is Kosher for Passover under the supervision of american kosher kashrut agency

15. What are the times of the meals on Shabbat and Holidays?

friday and holiday EVENING meals take place after the EVENING prayer service which begins at sunset.    on shabbat and holiday MORNINGs  there is a short torah class at 10am with   a light BREAKFAST followed by shacharis, lunch is served at 1:30pm.

16. Is the Chabad house able to organize bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, circumcisions, etc on the island?

cozumel is a BEAUTIFUL destination and  Many people have decided to celebrate their Jewish ceremonies here. chabad of cozumel is happy to assist you in any way we can, Please contact us for further information.

17. Are there babysitters available  in Cozumel?

You can contact us to provide local  girls who can babysit.

18. What is the best season to visit Cozumel?

The best weather is between November to April, You check the weather in Cozumel here   link.

19. Where is the best place to exchange money?

The best rates are available in the big supermarkets when a purchase is made.money can also be exchanged in the banks and stores.

For today’s exchange rate click here.

20. How can I donate online?

Thank you for your willingness to help. The Chabad house of Cozumel is not funded by any organization but relies on donations of good hearted visitors who wish to contribute to our volunteer work. Donations can be made online via our website. To contribute in another way or to make an ongoing monthly donation please contact us and we will be in touch promptly.

21. What are the main attractions in Cozumel?

driving  Around the Island ( aprox 1.5 hrs), zip-line, ATV rides, swimming with dolphins, diving, snorkeling, beautiful beaches, kayaking and a lot more; but the best attraction is the Chabad house!!!

22. General Emergency Phone Numbers

Red Cross 872-1058

Fire Department 872-0800

Office of Interior 872-0092

Clinica San Miguel (987) 872-0103

For any other inquiries do not hesitate to contact us.