Tourist info

tourist-150x150Shalom, and Welcome to Cozumel.

It is our sincere hope that here you will be able to find the answer to most of your questions regarding visiting Cozumel as a Jew. Information about the Synagogue, the Shabbat meals, the kosher restaurant, the local kosher grocery store, the Torah classes, and the Hebrew day school have been outlined in the following pages.

Should you find a question that is not answered in our visitors guide to Cozumel, please feel free to contact us and we will respond with the pertinent information.

The Torah was given in a desert. This is to teach us that the relevance of Torah and Mitzvahs are not restricted to particular geographic locations. Even in a “desert” a place in which one would least expect it, the Torah is pertinent and applicable. You will be amazed to learn how much the Torah is alive and relevant in the Island of Cozumel.

With Blessing,

R. David Caplin &

R. Shalom Peleg