בהשגחת הרב דוד נחמיה כפלין - חב"ד קוזומל
Kosher comments:
Constant moshgiach! pat-Israel /Milk-chalav Israel/Meat-beit Yosef halak/Cooking- Israel only


All our food and beverages are of the highest quality and adhere to the highest standards of the laws of Kashrut, prepared by a world-class team of chefs.

Our catering team, led by Natalia, is composed of trained culinary professionals with vast experience in the food industry. Our team provides the most delicious and flavorful dishes through beautiful presentation and elegance.

We are certified by American Kosher under the direct supervision of Rabbi Dudi Caplin, who ensures that all ingredients and processes adhere to the strictest levels of the laws of Kashruth

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Prepared food for Saturdays and holidays
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